Thursday, January 1, 2009

Off to a great start

Tonight for dinner, Ms. A had a chocolate hazelnut milkshake from Burgerville.  That's right.  Milkshake for dinner.  A 1020 calorie milkshake.  Awwww yeah. 2009 so far is AWESOME.



John Judy said...


Steak and eggs washed down with a bloody mary and a screwdriver at the Acrop

Lunch: Slept through it. Awesome.

Dinner: Snow crab legs, spinach salad, and like 5 beers. Oh, and about 1/2 a blue berry pie.

This is the last day I have to play for a long time so I played hard.

Happy new year to the entire McMiller clan.

Christie said...

No better way to start the year. I loves me some Burgerville milkshakes.