Friday, January 2, 2009

The Great Communicator

Thursday afternoon, with me sitting on the top stairs and Erin on the landing, Erin and I had a 20 minute conversation. Seriously. 20 minutes is, of course, if you're familiar with early childhood behavior, eons in length.

It went a little something like this. After each statement, she looked at me meaningfully, waiting for my response.
Erin: Bwah bree yrrr shuu?

Brian: Oh, yeah, uh-huh?

Erin: Blee, blee, ma, ma, ma!

Brian: Oh, heh, yeah, I see!

Erin: Grr brr pssshhh faa faa?

Brian: Hm, um, no, not really.

Erin: Fee bee shhhuu ah ah.

Brian: Oh, yeah, totally.

Erin: Fweeeee!



John Judy said...

Sounds like most conversations Shannon and I have.

JandC said...

Something about it being cold and the lovely mittens she now has?????

Christie said...

To which Henry interjects: "Mwah baaa rahr cah cah cah!"

Anonymous said...

Your forgot to tag that one as "parenting makes you strange"



Anonymous said...

love the gloves i wont some my self .


uncle heath