Sunday, January 25, 2009

Children's Museum

We received a year pass to the Portland Children's Museum for Christmas.  Thanks! 

We went for the first time on Saturday.  Holy crap, it rocked.

The place was full of age-appropriate imaginative play areas.  Erin was most into the 2-and-under room and the water room.  She really enjoyed herself and did a surprisingly good job at sharing with the other kids there.  We ran into the Brinkleys, whose kids were really into the amazingly realistic grocery store and deli.

They had a cafe with both adult's and kid's food.  For those sans kids or those who have not been to such a magical place as the Children's Museum:   I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of having eight ounces of mac-and-cheese available for $1.85, or various kiddie treats like Goldfish or animal crackers for sale in Ziploc sandwich bags for $0.60.

Anywho, we forgot our camera, so we'll have to leave you with the links and your imaginations.  Imagine something totally awesome.


Ms. A said...

The water room: totally super awesome. Erin had two super wet diapers after drinking so much of the water.

Gotta say though, the special "Bob the Builder" exhibit, not a fan.

Amber said...

We used to just about live there when Avery was Erin's age. Gotta say though... it because exponentially more difficult with multiple children. Enjoy it while you can!! :)

Crabby Amy said...

totally agree with Amber. We spent A LOT of time there with just Matthew. When it was both boys, not so much. And just Mason? He often could care less,(he hated the Bob exhibit!) and in a way it's kinda sad. But I think 2nd (and any children after the 1st) grow up waaay to quickly. ;)

Amber said...

Man, I should stay away from the computer that early in the morning. I'm not even sure what I was trying to say in that comment... perhaps that it BECOMES exponentially more difficult? At least that sounds like because. Sorry. :)

Brian said...

Made sense to me at the time. Not sure what that says about *me*. :)

David said...

Best time to go to the Children's Museum? 10 AM on Easter Sunday! We had the entire place to ourselves. Of course, now we're going to Hell, but I heard they have a pretty cool dig pit.

Amelia is really into the grocery store right now. Although, she recently discovered the face paint. She likes to apply every color to he bottom lip ala Tammy Faye Baker and likes to paint me up like an extra from Braveheart.

Me, I'm into the Building Bridgetown exhibit. I like building towers with the little rectangular pieces of wood. Amelia likes smashing the towers.