Thursday, December 4, 2008


In the latest attempt to get in shape, Ms. A is recording Adrienne Reed's Power Yoga and doing a session a couple nights a week.  Tonight we did "airplanes".  I've done Yoga at different points in my life, mostly Vinyasa full of long sun salutation series, breathing and balance poses.  Ms. Reed's yoga is like Vinyasa after 8 cups of coffee. I totally recommend it. 

The highlight from "airplanes" was a warrior II pose, bent at waist, arms stretched forwards.  B and I had positioned ourselves so I got a good goose in.

To reward our efforts we are now enjoying a gin-infused beverage and watching Bear Grylls.  Talk about fast times at McMillerPDX. 


Zatoichi said...

I often have the urge to goose my fellow yoga practitioners and say "Namaste." I also often want to tickle people's feet. Of course, usually I am completely centered and focused on my breathing and not plotting some physically inappropriate invasion of personal space. Usually.

Ms. A said...

Isn't one translation for "namaste" "coochie-coochie-coo"?

John Judy said...

That sounds awesome!!!!! Except for the yoga part.

Kathleen said...

because the world revolves around me, it is clear this entire activity and post were conceived solely to taunt me with your gin. I AM ON TO YOU MCMILLERS

Also, Bear is a super hottie! Why haven't I been watching the Discovery channel?

Brian said...

He eats grubs and drinks his own pee out of a snakeskin, Kathleen. Not sure how "hot" that is.