Saturday, January 31, 2009

15.5 months

Hi, I'm Erin

Erin is quickly has left babyhood, is firmly established in toddlerhood, and is all too quickly speeding towards girlhood. Here she is demonstrating her new svelte self:

Check out my toys

 She can follow instructions ("Please put the book back and pick another."  "Can you get a towel and wipe up the spilled water?" etc.)  She mimics actions, even if she doesn't understand what they're for.  Her vocabulary is budding with subtle distinctions in her diction between words such as "Belly", "Bubble", "Ball", "Belly": all variations on the syllable "Buh". 

It's thrilling to watch her grow.  But do they have to grow so quickly?


Amber said...

That top picture is beautiful!

Christie said...

It's like they're little people! Go, Erin, go!

Zozopdx said...

sigh...I'd rather they didn't grow so quickly!