Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

For new year's eve, we headed next door to the good people who bring you Big Dutch Baby.

We settled on breakfast for dinner: waffles, quiche, home-made bread, broiled grapefruit, and many, many pounds of bacon (important note: it was still not enough bacon).

Here are some chefs in action:

Here's Matt with a beautifully elaborate loaf of bread. It was reportedly his first attempt at bread-making. But come on, the bread was amazing. I secretly believe he lied to us all and he's won blue ribbons at bake-offs and county fairs for years.

There were kids running amok. Clothes were removed. An attempt was made to poop in a bundt cake pan. No alcohol needed.

Caroline and Anneke were in Arkansas, so we celebrated CST new year's with them in a very cool, very 2009 way, by video chat. Also, at midnight, my family and I exchanged "happy new year" text messages. Welcome to the future!

Happy new year!


Zozopdx said...

I'm so glad I got to be in both places at once!

Mary said...

You think that was kids running amok? That was top-notch behavior! I mean, they didn't *actually* poop in the bundt pan. We call that a successful night out!

Matt said...

Thank you for the kind words relating to the bread. And yes, I have won several blue ribbon awards for my loaves - but mostly these contests have taken place in rural southern Wyoming and the backcountry of Colorado - must be something with the altitude!

Darren said...

That bread does look awesome.

And we should look into getting D some one-handed scissors.