Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mike and Veronica Visit

Mike and Veronica Visit
Last weekend we had a great visit with Mike and Veronica, all the way from Philadelphia, PA. (Side note: sadly, they (a) don't know Terry Gross personally and (b) aren't steeped in Fresh Air trivia as nerdily as I am.)

We had good meals, caught up, and, as a bonus, had quite a bitchin' snowball fight.


Terry Gross said...

Well-written. Paragraphs flowed together nicely.
And excellent photo!
Would definitely read again!!!

Mary said...

I can't decide if I am in love with Terry or if I want to be Terry, but I believe the possibility of being interviewed by Terry is the best reason to become famous/renowned.

amycs said...

Terry Gross geekiness? I want in on this! This one time, at a swing dance, I met Rebecca Kilgore, a local musician who has been on Fresh Air a few times. She said Terry Gross was really nice. Wow.

amycs said...

PS I think we should start a round of which NPR celebrity you would most like to meet. I'd have a hard time deciding among the This American Life contributors and alums...damn, I am a geek!