Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, Toddlerhood.

Current events in Ms. Erin Beatrix's world, (subtopic = oral developments):
  • While playing hide-and-go-seek with Dad around the living room coffee table, Erin's bottom lip meets the table's edge with full body-force.  Table: 1, Erin: 0.  A frightening amount of blood is produced.  She soothes herself by opening Uncle David and Aunt Linnea's Christmas presents. (D&L: we promise no blood got on the presents, and they will be re-wrapped)
  • Eye teeth are coming in for real now.  Canines, to you and me.  Tooth 12 and 13 are proving to be a real pain in her tush mouth.
  • Vocabulary is ever expanding (spoken, not sign).  New words: "bubble", "cereal", "bath time" and, probably every toddler's favorite: "no". 


Christie said...

She's already using "no"? Time to head for the hills, my friends.

Christie said...

Hope the lip heals quickly. Nothing worse than blood spurting out of your kid.

JandC said...

New word: "owie"