Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party Animal

Steve and I went to the vet today for a cut on his ear.

The vet, excited about New Year's Eve, decided Steve needed a party hat. As you can see, Steve looks quite dashing.

Steve is a trooper, but something tells me he's not in a party mood. Poor kitty.


John Judy said...

Insert "Can your cat get the _______ channel" joke here.

Happy new year ya' crazy kids!

Amber said...

We were wondering where you were! The kids stopped by TW just to see you (the hot chocolate might have been part of the plan too), but were sadly disappointed. Give our best to Steve. What a way to celebrate NYE.

Zozopdx said...

oh, Steve! is this because of Pluto?

Brian said...

John: Happy new year!

Amber: Hope the hot chocolate was good! Happy new year!

Zozopdx: Who knows -- Steve is a dick to cats he should really be nice to, so it could really be anyone, including Dixie. Happy Arkansan new year!

Christie said...

Sad and dejected, I'd say. When Beauty the wonder dog had her cone, we believe she would purposefully run into things with it to make us feel like extraordinarily bad parents.

Wishes for a speedy recovery for Steve are included in this message.

Darren said...

You know what Steve would like to go with his hat? A bow. Cat's love bows!

Kathleen said...

that is a very disgruntled cat.