Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good bird, bad bird

DATE NIGHT!  Last night B and I went on a bona-fide date, thanks to the folks at Big Dutch Baby who watched Erin ate dinner and drank egg nog while Erin slept.  

We started by feeling ultra hip at the Doug Fir then off to a fancy smanchy dinner at a new-ish hot place in town, Le Pigeon.  I'd seen mixed reviews. but we gave it a 9/10 on all counts.  Service was amazing, our meals were delicious and best of all we didn't have to do the dishes. I appreciate this more and more these days. All this and we were in bed by 10:30.

But then 1 am came around.  And so did both of our dinners.  We're now on the 24-hour pre-holiday weight loss plan. Ugh. 


Amber said...

If that's the same 24-hour weight loss plan I'm thinking of, I am so sorry. Nothing much worse than that. Let us know if you need a grocery run or anything. Or entertainment for the wee one.

John Judy said...

I got a weight loss plan for ya....

I LOVED Le Pigeon. Shannon on the other hand hates anything even remotely French as was rather "meh"... but her idea of fine dining before we met was some place in Montana called "powder keg pizz".

Christie said...

My response during the post:

"Hey Darr,McMillers had a date night."

"Went to Le Pigeon."

"Food was good."

"Back in bed by 10:30pm."

"Dang. Got sick. That sucks."

Hope you guys are feeling better. Considering this, would you still recommend L.P.?

Zozopdx said...

well, all I gotta say is, it was the sweetest babysitting gig I ever accepted!

Ms. A said...

Amber - yes, it was what you were thinking of. Thanks for the offer. Erin had a great day yesterday having the run of the house.

JJ - I'd go back to L.P, so if you're looking for someone who will appropriately "ooh" and "ahh" at the cuisine I'm your gal. Maybe in a few months when your tummy has more breathing room?

Christie - I'd totally go again. I would avoid the beet salad.

Zozopdx - You guys rock!

Kathleen said...


that totally sucks! I hope you are feeling better today!