Monday, December 22, 2008

Eucalyptus Splendor

We took a stroll along a beautiful street by Ms. A's parent's house - Eucalyptus Street.  Much like Peacock Lane, houses seek to put on a fantastic show of lights, bright moving reindeer and even snow packed in from the Sierras to make a small sled run.  There was a Santa, so Erin took the opportunity to have a seat and ask for a few things, much like her friends, friend, and friend (and some more friends who do not choose to blog):

A few more houses down she saw another seat, amongst a gaggle of Grinches, so she next sat with them and tried to get them to smile. 


Amber said...

So cute! And if I'm being honest, I'm totally jealous of your snow-free holiday! Word is we're up to ~15 inches here. And you're missing it!!

Mary said...

Are you trying to pass off a Santa STATUE as a visit with Santa?! This will not do!!

Merry Christmas!! Please come dig us out of our house when you return.