Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...perchance to dream?

Well, bottom molars are working their way through (tooth #10 and 11 for those keeping track - only 9 to go!). This translates to lots of missed sleep at Casa de McMiller. Sigh. I think back to the first month or so with Lil' E and her Angry Badger persona. At least now when she cries for two hours in the middle of the night we know what is bothering her and we can try to ameliorate the discomfort. Somehow it makes the loss of sleep a little easier.

When I am in charge of The Way Things Work I will make all teething happen in 1 week, and put all babies on morphine. I'm just glad she'll have no memory of it.


Amber said...

I was just saying today that it makes me feel better about crappy sleep to think that Josie's actually having some discomfort (that sounds mean) rather than just keeping us awake for no reason.

We think Josie's been having growing pains in her legs... something for you to look forward to once those teeth are in! :)

Christie said...

I am very much looking forward to when you're in charge. Henry's still chewing with six.

~ April ~ said...

((HUGS)) and I hope you get some sleep soon, now that you know what the problem is.

My Oliver (5m) is cutting those first teeth, and sleep has been a rare treat around here as well.