Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up....

... to be cowgirls*!
Just kidding.  Erin can be a cowgirl.  As long as she goes to college.

*Shannon, this one is for you.  Just wanted to show we're raising her right. 


JandC said...

Next thing you know, she'll want the keys to the car!!! What a cutie!!

Shannon said...

Dear Erin,

Now that you are liking hats, you might want to try a cowgirl one on. They're pretty cool. I have, like, 12, so you can norrow one if you want. Also, PS, you're dad knows how to make chaps and belt buckles, so you might want to hit him up for a set.

Cowgirl Shan

Christie said...

Giddyup! Miss Erin looks very pleased to be riding that horse. We should have Beauty the wonder dog trot her around the dining room the next time you guys are over.