Friday, December 26, 2008

Light dinner conversation

The conversation meandered, while savoring our red velvet cake and homemade fudge, to the topic of baby names. Although no babies were anticipated amongst the company it proved to be a lively subject. After exhausting the regular list (Kristen vs. Kirsten) and even wandering into the unlikely territories (Oona and Ea, anyone?) the conversation came to a pause.

Brian: You can always use one of our unused cat names. "Robot" was one.

Ms. A: "Ham Sandwich" was the other.

There were no takers.


Darren said...

Robot, for the last time you leave that alone!

Ham sandwich, get me a beer!


Christie said...

Tough, but given my love of the bacon I must go with Ham Sandwich.

John Judy said...

Shannon and I long ago decided if we ever had a child we would name him or her "Hiram Skank"... Although after reading this I'm thinking Robot Judy or Ham Sandwich Schlothauer sound pretty good.