Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Two Thousands...

.... hello twenty, um, tens?

The McMiller household spent a quiet New Years Eve at home, relishing in the quiet time after a busy holidays. It was a very Julia Childs Christmas with two new cookbooks added to our collection. So Dr. A broke in "The Art of French Cooking" by making Carbonnades a la flamande, or beef and onions braised in beer. Not only was the recipe rediculously simple, it was delicious and probably the only one in the whole book that did not have butter as an ingredient.

New Years Eve 2009

Amazingly, the adults in the house stayed up late enough to celebrate Central Standard Time. Which was fortunate, because when Brian was awoken at midnight to the sound of the neighborhood going bananas, he felt quite rested.

Happy New Years, everyone.


Christie said...

Happy New Year! (I got the same cookbook! My first Julia Child recipe was scrambled eggs, which, oddly enough, had even more butter than expected. There was an additional pat of "enrichment" butter added toward the end of cooking. We'll have to compare notes this year as we learn how to cook like ze French!

Darren said...

I think you can put it over something with butter tho'. Like buttered noodles, for example. Or you could have it with buttered bread. I mean, you don't need to exclude the butter, or anything.

I'm just saying.

Dr. A said...

Don't you fret, Darren. There was butter on the table. We go through so much butter in our house, even Julia would be impressed.

Christie, the second Julia recipe - lemon sponge cake - strangely also had no butter. It was a total flop though. It came out of the oven beautifully then sank to a pancake-like monstrosity. Oh well. Saving it in the freezer for a trifle later on.