Monday, January 11, 2010

Reason #563, 873 and 99991 why I love my husband

* He encourages Erin to clean up the noodles she threw on the floor by bringing the trash can over, holding her upside down, and letting her pick them up and throw them away.

* He does play-stroller races with Erin: she pushing a baby doll, he pushing a sock monkey. Sometimes she wins.

* He fixed the front door handle, which wasn't latching. In 10 minutes. And didn't brag.


Amber said...

We've had a leaky bathroom sink for (ahem) about 2 months now. I hear he's going to be in town next week???

Shannon said...

can I borrow him the week after that?

Christina said...

He's a good man, and clearly a great Dad!