Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Julia, you are a saucy woman!

Recipes attempted:

Poulet Poele a l'estragon* (Casserole-roasted chicken with tarragon)
Epinards a la creme* (Creamed spinach)
Grain Dauphinois* (Scalloped potatoes with milk, cheese, and a pinch of garlic)

Yes, these were all delicious. Not perfect - the potatoes were supposed to absorb all the milk and did not. So there was a bit of soupy milk in the pan after scooping out the slices. But the potatoes were creamy, well seasoned, and delicious. The spinach, contrary to how I've always made it, were basically stewed in some flour and broth resulting in a silky spinach that wasn't heavy in the slightest. The chicken was wonderful. Again, I was surprised by how simple the recipes were. And these were all keepers. Amazingly, less than 1 stick of butter was used for all of these dishes!

For the record - Erin did not take even one taste of any of these dishes. Guess she's not into French cooking.

* There are all sorts of accents on these words - I have no idea how to type them in. Suggestions?


Christie said...

Everything looks and sounds delicious! I was perusing her cookbook last night and came upon the spinach crêpes, which I hope to try soon.

You using a Mac?

MissMVK said...

Everything looks delectable! Being a SAHM suits you!

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

Ok. Both you and Victoria just posted about your FABULOUS cooking! Makes this 39 week, 6 day pregnant lady SUPER hungry!!!
Its been fun reading about your cooking endeavors of late. Keep it up, Mama!

Dr. A said...

MissMVK - still have 2 days left at work.
Christie - thanks for the link! I'll improve my accent grave next go-round. Now can you find out how I can fix the Mac iBook we dropped on the ground?

Christie said...

Sure! Take to Apple Store, pull out credit card, and pay $750 flat fee to have them fix it.

Sara said...

These picky kids - they don't know what they're missing...