Monday, January 4, 2010

Tahoe 2009

The McMillers took an impromptu trip up to Tahoe just before Christmas, with Jim and Kathy (B's oldest sibling and wife). With Erin and The Three Cousins, Jim, Sean, and Brendan, there was much silliness and fun: snowball fights, sledding, hot tubing, and even a small snowstorm. Every night Erin cried when it was bedtime, sobbing, "More cousins! More cousins!"

There were pictures, of course:

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And movies:

Daredevil Erin from Ms. A on Vimeo.


Sharon and Matt said...

She's "awesome" for braving that hill at 2 years old! Go Erin!!!

Shannon said...

i love the pic of her with her bare little legs and all the snow around. so cute.

Christina said...

So cute! And quite brave!

JandC said...

Loved ALL the photos...looked like a great trip!