Friday, January 22, 2010

"It's a dolphin!"

So exclaimed Erin as she looked down in her little potty chair, after producing, for the third time, the type of deposit that earns her some chocolate.


Amber said...

There's a boy at Josie's school who compares his... er... bodily functions to some sort of vehicle every single time he goes, and has to tell everybody all about it. One day, it's a long, long train and the next day it's a big truck with lights on the top. So funny... so disgusting.

Christie said...

Henry just says, "It's big, mama. Too funny." And then proceeds to dump the contents of his potty into the big bowl for disposal. Kids are awesome. Makes me wonder what Miss E.B. sees when she looks at the clouds, though.

Zatoichi said...

Nice work, dolphin makers! As you know we call them snakes. Although I'm looking forward to seeing some dolphins, too.