Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Burgundy to the Rescue

The bags are packed, the house is clean, the lab bench is tidied, now we just wait. For those who are curious, there have been signs of progress - a long stretch of contractions (Braxton-Hicks) on Sunday, some real ones last night, and some other, um, symptoms involving interesting trips to the restroom. But we're still waiting.

We've rented a movie only to be watched when things start heating up - good distraction tactics. The selected film is the 2004 insta-classic "Anchorman; the Legend of Ron Burgundy." This film is in the top 10 for Ms. A, however both Metacritic.com and Rottentomatoes.com weigh in with a consensus rating of 63% and 64% respectively. While consistent, these ratings seem to lack a serious reflection and appreciation of the master comedic craft exhibited in this piece. Seriously, folks, if you haven't seen this movie, or if much time has passed since you have, Ms. A strongly encourages you to
pick up a copy, pop up some popcorn (for health's sake not microwave) and enjoy.

Brian, giggling to himself on our ride to work this morning, talking about the scene where Ron is talking with his dog Baxter: "Come again? You know I don't speak Spanish."

In conclusion, we're ready for the little critter whenever she's ready. We continue to monitor each Braxton-Hicks contraction, which have been happening about every twenty minutes since Saturday night. Each contraction causes us to wonder, "will the next one turn into the real thing?"

Stay classy, readers.


christie said...

Did you try the castor oil? I heard it tastes gross.

Ms. A said...

No. Ick no. I've transitioned from active encouragement for this critter to emerge to surrender and quiet alertness to the process as it unfolds.

Sarahnew said...

Well wishes from the land of A Whale's Vagina (which is a nice visual to keep in mind while preparing for this impending birth :) wink wink) Love, The Newsteads

Kathleen said...

I continue to believe there is something wrong with people who don't love Ron Burgandy.