Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've Gotta Be Able To Move Like A Cheetah

The Portland Marathon was this morning. My folks, Ashleigh, and the Brinkleys came out to root me on. It was great.

The race itself was pretty much a slog -- I did the first 10k at an 8:00/mile pace (recommended by calculators based on previous race times from shorter races), but ended up doing the last 10k at a 9:30/mile pace, with each mile in between pretty much slower and harder than the last. The marathon basically said to me "Show me some !$!@# RESPECT!" I guess I should have gone into it with a little more humility ;) I still ended up with a great time: 3:46:11. I feel really proud.

Then, after the race, Ashleigh made HUGE breakfast: strata, fruit, pastries (provided by Mary), coffee, and of course mimosas, and our friends came over to enjoy. Oh, and did I mention sausage balls? Ashleigh makes great balls. It was a really fun cap to a big morning.


D&L said...

Congratulations. You made it to 3rd on google for your title, beating Reno911. 50 minutes after your post.

J&C said... were awesome!!!

Christina said...

You kick ass brian! Congratulations!

Kathleen said...

so is anyone else worried that Dave has Reno 911 phrases on his Google Alert?