Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Doctor's Visit

Highlights from the first weigh-in at the doctor's yesterday:

Lil' E is up from her birth weight of 8 lbs 2 oz to a whopping 8 lb 9 oz at just under one week of age. The standard is to be back at birth weight by 2 weeks. Apparently milk supply and feeding is going well. We were given instruction to let her sleep through the 3-hour-between-feeding standard, much to our relief last night.

After the nurse weighed Erin, she left the exam room to go get the pediatrician, leaving us with Erin on the scale. But before the doctor arrived, the cold of the scale on her little birthday-suit-only self was too much and she proceeded to gush and squirt both #1 and #2, respectively, all over the scale. This made us think we might want to build an ark. This display made both mom and dad clutch their sides in laughter. (Seriously, someone let us be parents?) The weight, once baby removed: 2 oz. Wow.

Overall, the doctor said she looks great, but we already knew that. :)

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Darren said...

Oh that poo story is classic. Lil' H was "just" back up to his birth weight at first visit, so it's back to the boob for him! Eat, son, eat!