Friday, October 19, 2007


This is classic. As of 2pm today, now have basic cable. This of course means we're essentially paying $13 a month for what comes for free over the airwaves. However, the truly amusing thing is that Ashleigh and I almost jumped up and down to see that that Simpsons comes in crystal clear. I mean, a baby and clear reception?! We're in hog heaven.

We're shopping around for a DVR, so if you've got a suggestion, we'd love to hear it.

On the baby front, we've settled into a good routine with Erin. We're currently writing up our labor and delivery story, and uploading baby pics, which we'll have posted by Saturday night.

Oh, and of course, with Basic Cable, you get a little somethin' extra. We now get the Discovery Channel (yay!), QVC (wtf?), and, my all-time favorite, Public Access. I almost wet my pants when we flipped the channel to it and saw this --->

When the pot show actually started, the host spoke for about 15 seconds before some tech finally figured out that there was no sound. Excellent.


Darren said...

TiVO, the original and still the best. Honestly the software is quite good.

I regret not getting the bigger disk.

Amy said...

We had tivo at our house and comcast dvr at our apt. We both HATE the dvr. nothing compares to the ease of tivo's interface.