Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today's Double Feature: A Devious Mastermind/Too Much Milk

Our first movie, "A Devious Mastermind", concerns a nefarious little creature, who, using about the only powers available to her, during each of the three nightly diaper changes, waits until her poop-filled diaper is off for her to pee alllll over the place, somewhat reminiscent of the Trevi Fountain. All over the new diaper, all down back towards her stomach, soaking her onesie and the changing table cloth. It's quite beautiful at night, and I'd recommend taking a loved one when you go see it.

Speaking of fountains, this brings us to our next and final feature, "Too Much Milk". This film explores boobs at their extreme, at their very limit of fullness. In it, Mother McMiller stars as the large-breasted Earth Momma, bringing milk to the world, whether there's a baby in front of her or not. This film may be inappropriate for infants and small children, who may be unable to grasp the full heft of the film, and may need assistance in encompassing and digesting this film's important subject matter.

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christie said...

Right there with you. My bosom runneth over.