Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting a Move On

Interesting methods mothers have shared to bring about labor:
* Eat spicy food
* Do jumping jacks
* Go on a long, slow walk
* Go on a long, fast walk
* Squat
* Stimulate nipples
* Drink raspberry leaf tea
* Apply pressure to back of ankles, parts of hands (accupressure)
* Drink a beer
* Drink castor oil
* Engage in lots of hot lovin'


christie said...

I read that you can also "bump" or "swing" your baby into the pelvis by driving down a bumpy road or finding a park with a swing and swinging.

Anonymous said...

Definitely go with "lots of hot lovin." Worked for us. Not sure if anything else does, though, although we tried long walks through the park, eggplant parmesan, bumpy roads (not difficult, as all roads in Atlanta are bumpy), and strange acupressure points. Still took six extra days for the bun to leave the oven. Good luck.

Kathleen said...

yikes! good luck Ash! thinking of you!

Brian said...

Wooo! Hot lovin'!!!

I'm her two-penny prince.