Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wanted: Information Leading To Discovery Of The Actual Father Of This Child

Our little Erin: red hair, red eyebrows, red back, shoulder, and arm hair. High hair line. A little soft in the middle.

I'm confident that it's not the mail carrier, as the mail carrier is a short, dark-haired man. Nor can it be the milkman, since we, like anyone else born after the advent of refrigeration, get our milk from the store.

I'm guessing we're looking for a hairy-armed Irish mechanic or plumber, heavy-set, somewhere in his mid-forties.

Anyone with information should immediately contact me so that we can clear up and move past this troubling paternity issue.


Lindsey Smith said...

Smoove B without a doubt.

christie said...

Hmmm...Groundskeeper Willie?

Kathi said...

Hi Brian and Ashlee,
congrats on your addition to the McFeely clan! She is beautiful. Brian (O'Connor) said she looks much like your Uncle Steven...i give you permission to sock him when you see him! Sean and Roz are expecting in April and Kerry is getting married on Nov. 9 in Big Sur.
Boy you kids are getting OLD!
Enjoy parenthood. It is great!
Love Kathi and Brian

John Judy said...

I'm thinking danny bonaduce.