Wednesday, October 3, 2007


As Ash has said: the kitties are cute and snuggly now that the weather's turned, the house is clean from getting ready for the new critter, and we get to nap a lot, so it's not all bad.


christie said...

Have you tried any of the interesting methods to induce labor? Without going into too much detail I've hit about 2/3 of the list and come up with nothing. Next to try - accupressure. I want this kid out, despite Darr's pleas that I keep it in for another month.

Christina said...

I can't believe she is not here yet!!!! I have not had ANY email access for a week and a half and was SURE that she would be here by now! Now I am in London on my way back to PDX, maybe she will wait for me...? I', thinking about all 3 of you and can't wait to see you!