Friday, October 3, 2008

Vegging out = brain food

On the Tivo:

Podcasts on Ms. A's iPod:
Nature weekly 
Cell monthly 
Science magazine daily 
NIH Research Radio bi-weekly
TED talks
NPR Science Friday
NPR On Health
NPR Food
NPR Sunday Puzzle
NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
NPR This American Life
WNYC's Radio Lab
Futures in Biotech
Cooks Illustrated


John Judy said...

"Cell Monthly" LOL. Shortest podcast ever.

"This monthly on Cell Monthly... Still really tiny? Yup."

Ms. A said...

Actually, that's one of the longer ones. It's typically over an hour and features at least one extended interview with a researcher of a big story.

Anonymous said...

For you podcasting pleasure, feel free to add Jayson's wacky, wonderful, midcentury, space-age pop extravaganza:


amycs said...

The difference between my Tivo and yours is hysterical(ly embarrassing). I really actually veg out when I watch TV. L might put it differently, maybe something about "trash?" Think Project Runway, What not to wear and all the CSIs and Law and Order I can get my hands on. And of course, the Daily Show. We have House and The Office in common.

As for my iPod (which is non-functioning, stupid apple battery), I'm on Book 4 of Harry Potter. That's scientific, right?

I'm a great academic, aren't I?

Kathleen said...

sweet. Radiolab is my favorite favorite pod cast. I think around 75% of my contribution to the conversation is based on something I heard on Radiolab.

I just listened to the "War of the Worlds" one. Fascinating.

Henry said...

I was going to do a post on our blog inspired by yours but we were too embarrassed by our TiVo recordings we nixed the idea. Corner Gas (Canadian show), People's Court (distraction show while cleaning, baking, etc.)... Seriously? It's embarrassing.