Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zoey and Dalia!

Born Oct 15, 2008 to good pals Sara and Brandon. 

Congrats to Mama and Pop too!


Amber said...

I always thought it'd be so much fun to have twins. Until I had one baby... and then twins became one of my biggest fears! :) Best of luck to your friends and their beautiful babies (so nice of them to arrive on Erin's b-day!)... are they here locally?

Ms. A said...

Sara has been my VeryGoodFriend since 1st grade. My other VeryGoodFriend since 6th grade, Holly, also has twins - a boy and girl, 18 months old. My mother laughed when she heard about Sara and told me that I was next in line for a two-fer. My hat is off to all those mamas and papas with two at once.

They all live in the SF Bay Area.