Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mama is a Cheetah!

I ran the Run Like Hell half-marathon with Mary this last weekend.  The weather was cool, but quite lovely and we both ran a very satisfying race.  It was the farthest I've run since, well, since before even conceiving of conceiving Erin.  And considering I trained not at all for this race, I was pleased with my final time of 2:05:16.  That's a 9:33 pace, thank you very much.  I oughta not train for races more often. And run more with Mary.

The smallest spectator gave lots of encouragement.

And even better was seeing unexpected supporters at the end. 

This was a Halloween-oriented event.  By far the most impressive "costume" was a 3-month-old baby dressed as a wookie complete with a Bob tricked out as the Millennium Falcon.  Seriously, some parents have waaaaay too much time on their hands. 


J&C said...

Go Ash!! Great time, great run!

Zozopdx said...

WOW! congrats, Ashleigh and Mary!!!!

amycs said...

That's fantastic. Did y'all dress up?

Mary said...

Thanks for running with me, Ash! It was great motivation!

Who knew we could talk nonstop for 2 hours while running?

Kathleen said...

omg wookie + falcon=awesome.

like there is something better to be spending your time on! pshaw

Christie said...

Cheetah, indeed!

Dude, you guys ran WHILE talking? There's no way we can run the Hippie Chick together, Ms. A. You'll be screaming for the ambulance and trying to revive me after mile one at a 9:33 pace.