Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Here's twenty bucks. Be safe and be back by 10:30."

Gauzy Fun

Erin, my one year, one week old daughter, has already figured out doors. Well, sort of.

This afternoon she grabbed Ms. A's key ring, cruised over to the front door, and held the keys up to the door while trying to push it open. She kept looking back at me while jiggling the keys as close to the doorknob as she could get them, the look on her face saying "That's odd -- what gives? Why won't it open?"


Christie said...

The girl has places to go and people to see. What do you expect? Good thing the price of gas has gone down or she'd be hitting you up for a $50.

Ms. A said...

$20 restricts how far she can go. How much damage can a kid get into on only 1/2 tank of gas? (plenty.)

Kathleen said...

I bet the Jetsons had radio transmitters in their keys so they just needed to wave them in the vicinity of the door.
good thing the future hasn't arrived yet.

amycs said...

I'm just wondering, is that a bridal veil she's playing with?

Ms. A said...

Amy, close enough. I'd made a costume for a road race "runaway bride" but decided not to wear it. Erin put it to better use. Mom got lots of good pictures for the day when/if she gets hitched.