Sunday, October 5, 2008

Portland Marathon

Portland Marathon 2008

This morning was the Portland Marathon. Weather was nice and cool, a little misty. Ash and Erin braved the rain and cheered heartily.

Marathon Cheerers

I wasn't planning on running, but four weeks ago I got the bug to run, signed up, and then commenced my patented "wing-and-a-prayer" training program. Really, I should write a book, something like "The Half-assed Guide to Non-competitive Running". My time was a non-heroic 4:13:30, but I really enjoyed being a part of the run.

Brian and Ang

Thanks to Ang, who ran with me most of the way (she kindly slowed a crawl to do so).


Christie said...

I'll buy that book! Congrats. In theatre, we thespians say "Break a leg." What do runners say to each other?

John Judy said...

Congratulations. Shannon and I were downtown today to see Appaloosa and upon seeing runners everywhere I kept thinking "Wouldn't it just be easier to put on shorts, wrap yourself in a tinfoil blanket, and pretend like you ran?".

I do like your training plan... sounds like my approach to everything.

Mary said...

Way to go, Brian!

Ms. A said...

You're still a cheetah!