Friday, October 10, 2008

Pop Tarts: Let's Just Let This Be Our Little Secret, Okay?

Driving home from work yesterday, Ms. A says to me, as Erin is coughing while trying hard not to choke on a piece of Pop Tart:

"Oh, man, I can't imagine what the women on my organic-hippie-mother message board would think of this if they found out. 'My child's first choking experience was a Pop Tart.'"


John Judy said...


Hint: If you want to avoid shame AND enjoy the most awesome breakfast rectangle EVAR, wrap your grubby hands around a toaster strudel! Pop-tarts are for rookies.

Ms. A said...

In a lame attempt at parental defense: The pop tart incident was a byproduct of a desperate attempt to provide food for Erin. She was so hungry that just before we picked up B she had nursed well and eaten all the pretzels in her snack container yet was still desperately signing for food. The choices from the vending machine were peanut butter crackers (potential allergic), nuts (choking hazard, potential allergen), popcorn (choking hazard) and pop tart. Further irony then that the "safe" item induced choking as well.

Brian said...

Strudel?! Seriously? Why don't you put on some lederhosen and prance around for us. Go back to Germania, strudel-lover!

Pop Tarts 4EVER!!!


Kathleen said...

not even a Whole Foods brand pop tart!!! ;)

I think the funniest part is that there were pop tarts in the vending machine!