Thursday, July 17, 2008


Observed on Hawthorne:

Two girls, perhaps late teens/early 20s, see a third, squeal loudly, run with wildly waving, outstretched arms.


.... animated hugging, giggling, more high pitched noises....

as we walk past:

"... and I'm sober alot these days, y'know, 'cause I, like, work most days... so I'm, like, sober a lot."

Good to know. 


Darren said...

One day Henry is going to bring one of those girls home.

It frightens me.

John Judy said...

Shannon and I refer to this as the DB factor. I'll let you guess what DB stands for, but it isn't database.

Whenever we go to a place populated by more than 5 or so people, we immediately determine the DB factor so we know how long we have before I am overcome with the urge to kill.

Christie said...

Just wear a condom, son.

(My apologies if you don't like the word "condom" to be used on your blog.)

Christie said...

Oh, and we can certainly "party with the Hatians" [pronounced "hate-e-uns" a la Alicia Silverstone).