Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Wedding Take 3 by Erin

Last weekend we went to Annapolis, MD. to see my first-cousin-once-removed Sean get married. I got to stay up reeeeaaaly late and fly all night to get there. Here he is with his new wife Sarah. Don't they look happy?
I didn't go to the wedding this time. I got to spend all night with a sitter. At first we had a great time. Then I missed Mom and Dad. I sure let the sitter know I missed them. I almost made her cry. But finally Mom and Dad came back.


John Judy said...

Note to self: Next wedding, swords.

Erin may be the smiliest baby ever.

Christie said...

The bride looks beautiful but hey look! Swords! All weddings are better with swords in 'em.