Saturday, July 12, 2008

Early Bird Special

The McMiller family went out to dinner last night. Yes, this is such an infrequent occurrence it deserves a blog post. We went to the recently opened Portland extension of the Deschutes Brewery. "Night" must be taken figuratively as we ate at 4:45 pm.

The decor was quite stumptown - cement floor, exposed hewn beams and wood-carved arches. Being a warm afternoon the bay doors were open permitting a lovely breeze to aerate the building. Service was exceptional - our waitress was speedy, attentive, and adaptable to having a 9 month old there. Obviously we weren't the only ones there for the early shift - many other families were enjoying a meal. We split an elk burger with sweet potato fries and spicy mac'n cheese with house salad. Erin nearly ate her weight in sweet potato fries, noodles, and a few pieces of meat. The noise levels and distractions (TVs, other patrons) were plentiful but at an appropriate level to keep a minimally-napped baby entertained for 45 min. Everyone enjoyed the meal and McMiller, Inc. officially recommends this place. Did I mention the beer was delicious too?


Amber said...

Gotta love the 4:45 dinners!

Christie said...

Know if they allow dogs, too? (Assuming they have outside seating, of course.) We will definitely have to check this out. We recently had a very good experience with Huck at Corbett Fish House. It's fun to go out with the kid on nights when he is amenable to going out.

Ms. A said...

I think that was the part that amazed/pleased us the most - Erin had a really good time too.

Don't know about the dogs but they do have outside seating.