Tuesday, July 15, 2008

9 months old!

Erin Beatrix is 9 months old today. She weighs 21 lbs (70th percentile), is 28 inches high (80th percentile) and her head circumference is 46.5 cm (97th percentile, although the nurse re-measured because at first she thought she measured too big... this is the smaller value).
She has many friends.  Here is her friend Anneke. Erin is quite sociable and loves to be with lots of people.  
Erin loves water.  Swimming always brings laughs, and if she were in university now she would be majoring in splashing. She also loves to be outside.  If she's ever in a bad mood her smiles return as soon as she steps outside.
Erin eats food very well on her own, her favorites being peaches, avocado, mozzarella cheese and oatmeal. She is always willing to try whatever is on our plate.  She drinks fairly well from a cup but most of it goes down her shirt. 
Erin loves cats.  Here is her cat Dixie.  Since she has learned to crawl the cats are not so sure about her.  They will be more concerned, no doubt, when she gets faster at crawling.  She can pull herself to her feet and command her body in any direction she chooses.  She babbles constantly, sings, has many favorite books that she reads along with, and gives wonderful hugs and kisses.  She continues to amaze us every day. 


Amber said...

She just gets cuter and cuter by the day (I think I may have typed that word-for-word in a comment before). I can't believe she's been around for 9 months!

Zozopdx said...

oh, Erin, we love you!!! we're so glad you've been around this past nine months! You're a good mentor to Anneke.

Andrew said...

That Erin is a good kid. I like babies who smile at me when they don't even know me. I think it demonstrates good judgment.

Christie said...

Happy nine months old day, Ms. E.B!

cmcfeely said...

9 months already!!! And we miss seeing all these little steps in her life!!! She's adorable! The blog is perfect.

John Judy said...

Apparently Brian thinks her butt is in the 99th pinchability percentile.

Mary said...

Happy 9 months, Erin! We're so glad we get to be part of your life!

Kathleen said...

wow, 9 months!! love all the pictures, she is just so adorable!

Zatoichi said...

Dear Erin,

Happy nine month birthday! I think you are incredibly attractive. Might I, with your parents' approval of course, pinch your booty one day? I think we have a lot in common and would enjoy the chance to get to know you better. Maybe, under adult supervision, we could go camping together. I like peaches and avos too and would be happy to share a meal with you in the near future. Do I sound desperate? It's just that there aren't a lot of cute redheads in Spain and, well, a fella gets lonely.

Benjamin Ramon

P.S. My parents agree that you are quite the amazing lass.
P.P.S. I'm about to turn one! Do you like older, "experienced" men?