Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Look Out, Diamond Dave!

So, Erin's newest vocal joy is screeching. Gone are the days of "ah-goo" and "boooo". That's for babies.

Erin (very pleased with herself): "Aiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Aaaa-nahhiiiiii!! Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!"
Brian to Ms. A: "Hm. So, is that 'soprano'? Or 'mezzo-soprano'?"
Ms. A: "More like 'death metal'."


J&C said...

Grandpa says: It's all good!!!

Grandma says: Can I put this on my iPod???

John Judy said...

Diamond Dave is not death metal. Think Gaahl (my hero, btw).

Anyway, is it just me or does she get cuter by the day?

Ms. A said...

John, you're absolutely correct. Brian left out part of the story (probably for brevity's sake) so here it is: When Erin discovers her new vocal capacity I'm out on a run. I get back to see her and B in front of the computer listening to a David Lee Roth vocal track on youtube, no music, just the vocal part. He's playing the screeching part over an over, with himself and Erin "singing" along. Hysterical.

Megan said...

That is too funny. Truth be told, if you've seen any pics of Mr. Dave lately, Erin's got more hair than he does. And she's definitely got him beat in the looks department. Simply adorable, this kid.

John Judy said...

I'll bet Brian has DLR videos bookmarked. That's AWESOME!

D&L said...

For comparison:
Diamond Dave vocal track from Running with the Devil. Please wait for the gymnastics about 2:42-end.

John Judy said...

Ha ha ha... D&L FTW.