Friday, February 8, 2008

Caffeine Sneak Attack

Dateline Portland, 6:30 AM

Ms A: "Hey, you know what? Erin is going to be four months old next week."

Brian (a little groggily to Little E): "Wow, Erin! I'm going to have to say to people 'I love my four-year-old daughter!'"

Ms A: "You mean four-month-old daughter."

Brian (still groggy): "Oh, yeah, crap. (pause) We're in that awkward time of the morning where the caffeine has been ingested, but hasn't yet hit the blood stream."

Ms A (quietly to Erin, opening bra): "Okay, little one. Time for snacks."

Brian (wildly): "Yeah, heh-heh, BOOB SNACKS!!"

(pause, thinking)

Brian: "Okay, maybe the caffeine actually has kicked in."

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Christina said...

All i have to say is, damn. that's funny!