Monday, February 25, 2008

Is it edible?

Ms. A has a strange habit when, on trips, she purchases odd items from local grocery stores to bring home. Sometimes their suitability for eating comes into question. Foraging through the pantry today yielded this treasure-trove of random, um, ingredients? Pictured: some type of hazelnut paste from Italy, canned mussels in mystery sauce from Spain, something labeled gluten from the local Asian grocery store, also presumably in a seasoning, and fish eggs from I can't remember where.

Looks like an interesting meal is in the near future.


John Judy said...

I have never written any three words more important than the ones I write now:


Christie said...

Are you seriously going to eat this stuff? If so, you are very brave indeed.

Zatoichi said...

Lumpfish. I think that may be the name for our next baby. (hypothetically speaking)

Eat the mejillones! Only I suggest that you go out and buy a really high quality bag of salty, crispy potato chips, some made in olive oil if you can find them. Then, after placing the entire contents of the can (including yummy mystery sauce) in a shallow bowl, use a toothpick to choose a succulent mussel that seems to be calling your name. Place the mussel on a sturdy, appropriately sized chip and...que rico! This was a favorite lunch-at-las-tias appetizer in Madrid, only I couldn't eat them while I was preggers so my joy (sigh) was short lived. Que probecho!

Zatoichi said...

Mr. S here: You'd better be careful. People are going to start sending you mystery canned goods. We have a can of calamares en su tinta here that has your name on it.

Brian said...

Bring it on, baby! I'll try that on olive-oil fried chips any day of the week. Even a leap day.