Sunday, February 3, 2008

The family that jogs together....

Sunday are long-day runs for Brian and Ms. A, and now that Erin's neck is stable she can come too!  (With utmost gratitude to the givers of a wonderful jog-stroller).  After bundling the E up and giving her toys she and Ms. A set out for a jaunt. 

This was her second time out.  The first was a breeze - she admired the vistas along the trail then was gently rocked into a nap and the 5 miles whizzed by for her, ensuring her mom got her sweat on.  Today not so much.  The pair only made it 3, but it was very much enjoyed by half of the pair. Here they are post-run. Note the happy, red mom and the babe who is still not sure about the whole endeavor (although she still is a cheetah):

Further, Brian and friend Becky got a chance to have a pre-season pace-check, and had a great time.  Let's hear it for running!

Incredibly, at this race we all took first place in our divisions.  Woot!


Kathleen said...

wowza! nice knockers, Ash!

feel free to not approve this comment.

O said...

Exercise? With a baby person? I'm feeling more than a little unaccomplished now. My exercise is shuffling things around in my freezer. Perhaps I should change this daily routine of mine.

(btw, hello from cactusland)

Ms. A said...

Thanks Kathleen - but they're only on loan. I have to give them back in October. They can be classified somewhere between "porn star" and "big earth mama".