Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A goose?

Apparently mcmillerpdx has been goosed. Not 100% sure what this means but it appears to be a chain-letter type thing. I'm a sucker and the subject is seemingly random enough to be interesting. Kind of a Dada form of chain mail. Here goes nothing.

The rules:
* Look up page 123 in the nearest book
* Look for the 5th sentence
* post the three sentences that follow the 5th sentence on pg. 123.

Nearest book at hand: "Clinical Dermatology, An illustrated Textbook", by Rona M. MacKie, 3rd edition
" A cutaneous infection, usually due to streptococci, but with deeper involvement of the subcutis than in erysipleas. Cellulitis presents as a raised, hot, tender, erythematous area of skin. The organism enters through a cut or abrasion, or pre-existing dermatological disorder such as a leg ulcer."

That was icky. If only I could post the pictures, then everyone would be grossed out. So here is the book I'm currently reading: "What Einstein Told His Chef, 2" by Robert L. Wolke

"The leaves would be a sickly yellow instead of green, because plants use iron in synthesizing chlorophyll. (next page) Plants in general are made up almost entirely of compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen - compounds that chemists refer to as organic, with no relation to the word used to designate foods that conform to the USDA's National Organic [Foods] Program. Minerals, on the other had, are the seventeen inorganic chemical elements that are essential nutrients for plants. "

Hmmm. Both seem pretty nerdy. Heavy on the Science, light on the Fiction.

I choose to ignore the implication of "pass-it-on". However, I encourage you fellow bloggers to participate. I'd love to see what other people are currently reading and/or what books people keep in their proximity. Let me know if you post, as I'd like to follow along!


Christie said...

Sadly, the nearest book to me has only 95 pages. Dang it jim!

Kathleen said...

hilarious! we are all such nerds.

John Judy said...

Book: The History of Tuscarawas County Ohio. 1884 Edition, 1972 reproduction.

"Gen. Brock, however, reached Malden on the 13th of August, 1812, and began war preparations. Gen. Dearborn placed a force on the Niagara frontier, but an armistice was made with the British. Hall dispatched a third party under McArthur, to open communications to the Raisin River."

1) Yes, I am just that boring.
2) I have the book because one of my relatives played a role in the history of the county. Judys in Ohio? Big time. Judys in Oregon? Not so much.
3) Raisin River, LOL. Combine with Oregon's Pudding River and the Spoon River of Illinois for MASSIVE DESSERT VICTORY!
4) Not the nearest book, but the first one within arms reach not covered by a 19 inch LCD monitor and that I didn't have to bend to get. Technically, the closest would be "Management of the sales force" by Stanton and Buskirk... or that copy of "Professional XML web services" on the floor. Jesus, I suck. I'm going to go have another glass of cab and cry.

Christie said...

The previous comment from "Christie" was actually from Darren. I was signed in on Darr's laptop because my laptop was at the Apple store being fixed. (Slight problem with the headphone jack.)

Kathleen said...

Raisin River is awesome.

Cathy said...

Yup, yours are super nerdy. We keep our nerdy books in the basement. In storage. No more nerdy books. Although I think the magic trick book is kind of nerdy.