Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Night, Date Night!

Holy crap!  We just had a totally enjoyable evening with Ms. E.

We got take out from Vindalho, who apparently are the same fine people to bring us Lauro, both within walking distance of our house. The Pork Vindalho was, in Ms. A's words "freakin' huge" and quite delicious.  Paired with the moutain of meat was the Saag Paneer Masala.  Yummers.  Really flavorful without the usual, uh, you know, over-richness that you sometimes get with Indian food.   As after every meal, Brian lamely proclaimed, "You know... this really could have been spicier."

Then, we made a fire.  Ms. E loved the fire.  Normally we're scrambling around, trying to find a way to keep our little lady happy until bathtime (7pm).  She's been up for a good part of the day, and like her pappy, gets a little cranky. 

However, with the fire, it was like TV without the commercials, and Ms. A and I know how much our little lady likes TV.  (A lot, that's the unspoken answer, people).  I think that's exactly how I'll explain it to Ms. E.  "You see, sweetie, fire is like TV.  You know TV, right?  Well, it's just like TV without the commercials.  And you can burn yourself, so... careful!"  

Anywho, she was totally entranced, relaxed and happy.  Due to the pleasant heat from the fire, we stripped her down to her diaper -- something we have done maybe three times since she was born. The middle of winter, snow arriving in the hills overnight, and our little baby finally gets to roll around unclothed, feel hands on her skin, and have us feel her skin on ours.

She's currently the total Slobber Queen.  She doesn't need anything even close to her mouth.  Give her four minutes and she'll be totally covered in drool.  Ms. A says (only half in jest) "I think that's why she doesn't pee as much as I think she should."

OK.  Ms. E is bathed, fed, and asleep.  Now it's time for a little mommy and daddy time.  Yup, you know what that means! The new House, M.D.!  Woot!


J&C said...

This sounds like it's becoming a habit!! Hooray for you!!! Enjoy it all.

John Judy said...

Vindalho used to be one of our favorite spots! The naan was just the way I liked (kinda burnt), and the tandoori beef was AMAZING.

The bartenders, Donald and Jason (I think) were really, really nice guys. and probably the biggest reason we hung out there. Super nice guys and interesting to talk to. They moved on, which was kinda the reason we did.

//Spamming my buddies restaurant

BTW, Donald has his own place on 52nd and Mitchell now, Toast. Breakfasts there are supposed to be amazing. I keep meaning to make it in but I get side tracked easily.

// done spamming

Looks like you guys had a blast.

christie said...

What a fantastic evening. We are now considering getting our fake fire fixed so that our little tyke can watch t.v. without commercials, too! The added bonus, it'll help warm our place. There has been a rather significant nip in the air as of late.

Kathleen said...

"You know... this really could have been spicier."

word. we need a macro, like "F1-S". then you can just say that. It saves much time.