Friday, October 19, 2012

New Park

We live in a small, semi-suburban community.  So when there's a new playground at a local park, it's something not to be missed.

Friggin Big Play Stucture

It might not look like much to the un-indoctirnated folk. But this is epic. It's 3 stories.  With 2 slides. One enclosed, one bumpy.  There are 6 music "stations", a food serving area, climbing wall, double-helix stairs (no, I couldn't resist the small genetics lesson there), precariously oriented step ladder, and zip line. Not to guild the lilly, but there's cattle grazing all around the park, so if the kids get tired of the myriad play options they can go watch cows chewing cud.

Really, what's not 120% awesome about this?

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