Monday, October 8, 2012

Girls Day!

For the last few years, every Monday was Girls Day.  No school, no schedules, no nothing.  Just whatever we wanted to do.  Since Erin started Kindy we have all missed these free-wheeling days.

Due to teacher workshop day today was our first girls day.  We went to the museum where we got to see a talk given by a diver and an employee. Erin eagerly asked two questions, "Why do the fish swim in groups?" and, "How many colors of fish are there?" 

On the way outside, we saw about 12 high school marching bands at an awards ceremony and got to hear the 1st Division Marine Corps Band play about 5 Souza songs.  So amazing!!  The girls were completely enthralled. So was I.

Here's Erin showing how the cymbalist plays. 

I love girls days! 

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