Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More 5th Birthday

Yesterday we had lots of little celebrations for the 5 year mark.  We brought cupcakes* to Erin's classroom.  

*muffins with 1/2 tsp frosting, sprinkled (poorly) with a heart design on top. 

Here is B and the girls passing out the cupcakes on the way to recess:

We got to witness what 5/6 year old girls do on the playground at recess. Mainly, talk. 

Then one of Erin's best friends, M, and mom took us out for frozen yogurt.  Why have we never done this before?  It was awesome!!!  So many flavors! So many toppings!  The mom, J, came prepared with a "5" candle, we sang "Happy Birthday" and Erin got a very fun game from M.  

No picts from my camera from this, but Erin chose dinner - Burger King.  It was a full, fun birthday! 

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