Sunday, October 7, 2012

Art & Wine Festival

We headed to A's parents house to hit the San Carlos Art and Wine festival.  Why?  Why not. 

The girls got face painting:

Because we were not particularly interested in art or wine, we checked out the children's book store there.  Robin read to Papa...

... Grammy read to Erin ....

... Brian read the inside of his eyelids. 

We went to dinner.  There's a lot of good eating in San Carlos, and we went to a favorite of Grammy and Papa.  The kids, of course, ordered Mac n'Cheese, and Erin enjoyed it. Robin took one look at her plate, then looked at Papa's (egg rolls and eggplant caprese) and ditched the noodles for the more flavorful fare. 

The girls wasted no time in enjoying their new books and plunked down next to a tree while waiting for Brian to get the car.  What a fun afternoon! 

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