Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to the 21st century, Ashleigh

I got an iPhone!

On Friday, I took the kids with me, bought 10 minutes of their distraction with some doughnuts, and got an iPhone.  Brian got his for Christmas but I waited because (a) I wasn't entirely sure I wanted/needed it and (b) my upgrade didn't kick in until today.

As for (a), I've quickly come to wonder, "how on earth did I live with out this?"  I have the iPod touch, and the iPad, which others have said they couldn't live without.   I loved my iPod touch to no ends, and the iPad is useful but a little meh.

But the iPhone.

In all it's teeny electronic glory.

It feels like it's already permanently attached itself to my left hand.

As for (b), well, I've had the thing for nearly 3 days now and really can't understand what I did before I had it.  And I've only made 2 phone calls.


Shannon said...

lol. We say that all the time about our droids. living the future is awesome.

Christie said...

So very jealous but also so very happy for you!