Saturday, March 31, 2012

All By Self - excavated

The post below was written 2years 3 months ago. For some reason, I never published it.  I found it while combing through the saved drafts and was struck by how it still resonates today, only now it's Robin and not Erin.

The post:

Erin has made great strides in the independence department lately. Yesterday she insisted on:

* Putting on her socks and shoes
* "Reading" a comic book
* Pulling her training pants up/down and sitting on the potty
* Feeding the cats (she didn't spill any of the kibble!)
* Washing herself in the tub with her washcloth
* Pouring her own milk
* Going to sleep (OK, she still wanted me sitting next to her, but she didn't require any rocking/singing/patting etc.)

In agreement with the previous post, she is turning into a girl.


Good thing we're having a baby in 2 months!


And things Robin is currently doing "all by myself"

* Brushing teeth
* putting on shoes
* going poop in the potty
* reading (well, looking through books, but most of the time she wants to narrate the story)
* pouring milk/juice
* washing her hair
* pushing the little cart at the grocery store
* climbing and buckling into her car seat
* just about everything.

What is it about age 2 years 2 months that fosters such a strong sense of independence?

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