Monday, March 12, 2012

I miss TV.

Not really.

We had to pack up the TV and the Tivo for the kitchen.  Only now am I starting to really miss the ol' Boob Tube.  We watch plenty of shows on DVD, so it's not that we're depriving ourselves of much-needed screen time (so kidding).  And I broke down and bought a season of Sesame Street for the kids to watch on the computer or iPad.  But I just miss scanning through the 80ish hours of shows that we rarely actually watch.  Funny how I'm missing the TV/Tivo more than the oven.

Oh, and whatever happened to "How It's Made" from Discovery channel?  I miss that show.  If anyone can find full episodes, I'd be grateful.  I found snippets on the site, but they're partial segments peppered with lots of annoying advertising.  Because I REALLY need to know how that fiberglass hot tub is assembled.


John Judy said...

Netflix is FULL of how it's made

Dr. Powell said...

Just saw a thing on Amazon that they have JUST expanded their selection to include a bunch of Discovery channel stuff AND How It's Made from the Science channel! Serendipitous? YES! Did the gods hear your cry? YES!
GO! Find out how it's made!!

Sharon and Matt said...

Amazon prime, I saw it on there last night!

Dr. A said...

Talk about good timing! Watched two episodes last night. Nerd itch: scratched.